Meet Cierra Lauren

Cierra is native to Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a degree in Fashion Design. Her experience in the global fashion industry has expanded her knowledge and skills and has made her into the talented designer that she is today. She has showcased her collections in over a dozen runway shows and has had her designs featured many times, including in the Knot and at the Grammy Awards. With exquisite attention to detail her aesthetic is couture and avant-garde. Her wanderlust world traveling is apparent in her exotically chic designs, which sets her apart from other designers.

The collections of Cierra Lauren are inspired by a western, bohemian, free spirited lifestyle. Our collections are a curated fusion of artistically hand-crafted creations, exclusively one-of-a-kind items that are upcycled into sustainable fashion, and pre-loved treasures from around the world. We design for the bohemian lifestyle with easy to wear items that range from kimonos, flowy dresses, and jackets, to western style accessories, jewelry, to couture wedding gowns. Our customers are of all ages, you are never too old or young to wear a Cierra Lauren design.We also love to work with Brides and help them bring their dreams to life.

Meet Melissa Jane

If you have shopped the Traveling Gypsy Boutique Truck or ordered from us online then you may have noticed the label by Melissa Jane. The designer behind the label is my mom, and the one who gets all the credit for my creativeness. She also went to Columbus College of Art and Design so i guess you could say I'm her mini me. I decided to launch the boutique truck just as she was retiring so we are on this adventure together. She does all the driving, so if you see us hitting the road, she's most likely the one behind the wheel.