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Just a few pics from my latest adventure in the Bahamas. The bright vibrant colors of the island are inspiring and refreshing. Loved shopping the local straw market for hidden treasures. 12659795_10153902509568186_2116451065_n12596358_10153902509943186_1005334589_n1800848_10153902509803186_891382016_n  12735572_10153902509718186_1062892222_n  10568038_10153902509868186_904918990_n  12696009_10153902509608186_1861952603_n12665672_10153902509768186_1110034638_n 12714416_10153902509758186_1639851528_n 12735573_10153902509818186_1187245457_n 12746334_10153902509838186_1024927306_n 12736265_10153902509688186_568217576_n12735617_10153902509633186_1935031819_n   12721684_10153902511563186_1297826700_n

Hello and welcome to the blog of cierra lauren, a peek inside a bohemian life. I want to take you along on a journey full of adventure and unique experiences. Come along and travel to exotic locations and experience flea market adventures. See how to create and repurpose vintage items to give your nest a rustic bohemian feel. Experience behind the scenes of the rustic couture luxury wedding gowns and accessories that are created uniquely for brides and see the beautiful photos of their wedding day. On this journey my goal is for you to feel inspired and take hold of your inner free spirit and learn how to live a boho life.